While on the hunt for galleries in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City, we pet a curious poodle, poked our noses through doors to find pastel striped walls (my dream decor!) and managed to pop into Neveria ROXY, a famous ice cream parlor. I was told by the scoop man to try the mamey flavor, which I'd never had or heard of. Mamey is a bright orange colored fruit that's delightfully sweet, the perfect basis for a refreshing ice cream. This small chain of ice cream shops hasn't changed much since they opened in 1944 -- the cheery shop and bold typography transported me . . . This spot, with its palette of tropical fruity ice creams and banana splits, has undoubtedly been the location of many smiling moments.

 If You Go:
Neveria ROXY (there are 3 locations)
Mazatlan 81, D.F.


  1. your rents are the cutest. and i lumme some mamey! deelish!

  2. Their traditional Mexican flavors are just one reason to visit this place- the quality of the ice cream is phenomenal. My fiance and I stopped in during the summer, just walking by, and decided on a whim to go in. Their rice pudding ice cream? Wonderful. Corn ice cream? Amazing.