Simplicity in design, food, fashion, writing (and tea for that matter!) tough to pull off but when it's right, it's so right huh?! I love learning about the most elemental food items out there: salt, cheese, oil.

Bread is high up on my list of simple, delectable foods that can often go awry. Fortunately for me, I got to know Genuine Bread Co. through a more extended piece I'm doing on them (more on that in a few months when it comes out!). After interviewing, photographing and learning a lot about the integrity, passion and hard work the 3 business owners have poured into their bread, I had to have a slice of the finished product I watched being born (it was so utterly ALIVE!). And yes, I slathered my own little wheat paradise with a healthy slab of butter, gobs of locally-made raspberry jam and a smattering of coarse sea salt. I choked this surreal/sublime combo down with a fine cup of PG Tips tea, my comfort zone tea. Someone had to do it!

All sarcasm aside, this is a lovely bread, full of sour notes from its slow rise and an impeccable flavor of earthy wheat. It has great crusty bits when toasted (I am always after the border-line burnt parts of most food) and a handful of walnuts and cranberries dotted throughout. The bread is sold in several different iterations, sometimes with various seeds, cheeses, and a pure wheat and they are all delicious. I'm happy to have moved back to Santa Barbara in time to watch this company grow, do wonderful things within the community and break good bread with my dinner!

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  1. I swear bread and jam and a cuppa tea is all I need to exist. This looks and sounds wonderful!


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