fresh favas, Pecorino cheese & truffle honey made a delightful snack

Giulia's kitchen is so well organized, I'm inspired for my own petite kitchen

the dining room was sublime, with fresh roses from the garden - cantuccini cookies were a delight to prepare, very easy!

One late afternoon, we had a wander into the Tuscan countryside and into the home of cookbook author, blogger and food educator, Giulia Scarpaleggia. Over the course of many hours, we prepared simple, hearty fare that was tasty beyond words. The setting couldn't be any sweeter, and our instructor Giulia was unbelievably kind. With enthusiasm, joy and a serious command of home cooking, Giulia taught us to cook the following menu:
  • fava beans with Pecorino cheese & truffle honey (just for snacking!)
  • pappa al pomodoro (Tuscan bread and tomato soup)
  • bracioline al pomodoro (veal with tomato)
  • chickpea cakes served on rustic bread with roasted eggplant
  • cantuccini cookies -- I had to try these when I got home
We exchanged turns as Giulia guided us through each dish, we roamed her rose gardens and heard funny stories of grandmas, traditions, country/city life and of course the pleasures of eating. Giulia is a gifted teacher, if you are ever in Florence, a short drive is in order for a lesson!

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  1. I love Giulia's blog and I've followed her for years. How wonderful to be a participant in one of her classes. Beautiful post!


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