Growing up 100 miles north of Los Angeles has always been fun. My family would go down for the day, see some shows at the galleries or my Dad would take me to Santee Alley for the shopping (gold teeth and Our Lady of Guadalupe t-shirts mostly) . . . Later I'd drive down with a friend to window shop on Melrose Ave and go to the Beverly Center to look for a dance dress (the first time I ever was inside an indoor mall!). Now Dave and I go on a regular basis to see our little nephew and family or for work. All the cool kids I photograph seem to live in a one mile radius between Echo Park and Silverlake.

So it was a decadent treat to spin around the city just for browsing (art and boutiques) and to try out a few eateries I'd read about. First up was Bottega Louie . . .

Bottega Louie is an Italian/Frenchie place in downtown LA -- the service was impeccable, our meal of scrambled eggs and potato pancakes was insane. This food is not for the faint of heart, it was very rich and yet oh so fresh. If only I could live in their pretty pink packaging, with the voluptuous lettering scrawling across each cookie box with grace and femininity! The airy space has enormous ceilings and natural light just washing the rooms in sweetness.

If you go:
700 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA


  1. Jade, this place is positively dangerous!! very glamorous and tasty. come to california and i'll take you for a little tour!! xo

  2. <3 this place! it's one of my favorite brunch spots


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