the colors of Lizard's Mouth Park overlooking Santa Barbara are surreal
Moon and sun, sage and brush -- we were enveloped with natural splendor
Birthday breakfast at Solvang Restaurant
Ebelskiver (Dutch Pancakes) madness, the perfect post-hike snack!

Being a January baby is funny -- Everyone is tired from holidays and resolved to drink lots of juice and avoid massive caloric bombs . . . And yet, there's always one last hurrah in the form of my birthday, then the special day of my two great friends: Robin & Arna. This year, we three have taken to spoiling each other with gifts of pinatas stuffed with candies, shrinkidinks and Barbies, next up a sunrise frolic at Lizard's Mouth above the coast of Santa Barbara, followed by special Dutch pancakes smothered in raspberry jam and butter. This trio has one celebration left and I cannot wait to hear what's in store.

Happy Birthday Robin, thank you for the most enchanting morning!

Arna's site
Robin's blog


  1. Awww this makes me miss my girlfriends. I hope you had a splendid time! I can't wait to see you in Santa Barbara soon!

  2. That is just so, so sweet! My birthday is at the beginning of February and is usually overshadowed by the Superbowl, haha! Boo! Since meeting Cory though, he has always made sure to make it a time worth celebrating. Happy birthday my dear!

  3. Æbleskive aren't Dutch, they're a delicious Danish treat that you eat (mostly) around Christmas time :) And not with a knife and fork?! :)
    /Greeting from a Danish reader

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