It was bound to happen -- I'd become smitten with some creative soul who is meh about tea and absolutely obsessed with coffee. Anne is one such lady . . . So we're doing this anyway, just modified to accommodate the coffee bean, nary a tea leaf in sight. 

Anne Parker is a stylist, maker and doer of all types of things. She's a grand adventurer (having lived and traveled all over the place), amazing collector -- practically all the pretty things you see in this image were found on craigslist, thrift shop or an estate sale -- and wistful dreamer. We've worked a few jobs together and I'm always learning something new from her (how perfectly use a chemex, for example) and am so inspired by her sensibility. Anne's a domestic GODDESS to the millionth degree and she's got a heart of gold and she's a worker bee who knows how to whistle. Love this girl. Carry on for her thoughts on Coffee . . . 

What is your favorite type of coffee and how do you take it?

When I make coffee at home, I typically use Stumptown Hair Bender beans. I put soy milk in my coffee, so I'm very particular about the beans I use, as less acidic beans or roasts tend to blend better with the soy. Lately I've been making coffee with an AeroPress, which yields almost espresso-like smooth and rich coffee. It's really delicious! 

My coffee accompaniment of choice is:

I tend to drink my coffee first thing in the morning, even before eating any breakfast. I'm really not a morning person, so I use it to help wake me up. Once I'm coherent enough to think about food, I usually start the day with homemade chipotle granola.

NPR, without a doubt,   . . . is on when I'm having coffee. 

I first started drinking coffee when . . .  in college and vegan. Because I didn't eat dairy, I took my coffee with soy milk. And even though I've been eating dairy and meat for years now, the taste association is still very strong for me, and I do not like dairy milk in my coffee!

My dream coffee party would include . . .  some of my favorite people, bundled up in front of a fireplace around Christmastime, with the Sunday NY Times, and snow outside.

When I sip from my coffee cup, I . . .  always am sipping from a beautiful old pottery mug with a story behind it. 

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