Megan Gordon is the author of a brand new cookbook, Whole Grain Mornings, boss lady of her own devilishly tasty granola company, Marge Granola, a celebrated, longtime blogger at A Sweet Spoonful and a contributor to The Kitchn. Whew. As if that list of accolades and achievements wasn't long enough, she's also a great friend! We were hired at TheKitchn the same summer (2010, holy balls!?) and have met only a handful of times, but were instantly kindred. I've read every recipe and post on her blog and The Kitchn and can tell you, this girl is a firecracker writer/cooking super star. I love her foods and her way of explaining how the recipe connects to her life. Very juicy stuff there! And her book, I just got my hands on it, is full on personal scoop on her move to Seattle and relationship with sweetheart Sam (who recently schooled me on Springsteen . . . that's another story) and a fount of healthy breakfast ideas overfloweth!

Recently, Megan and I were thrown into life/career stuff again and I was flown up to Seattle to photograph her for a major magazine (yahooooo!!)  It was an insane pleasure to be making this gorgeous girl shine bright in front of my lens. Just look at her, how could one not make a pretty picture of her?!

What is your favorite type of tea and how do you take it? 
While I love a good Indian chai in the cooler months, I'd say hibiscus tea is probably my favorite. It's season-less and is such a vibrant, happy fuschia color. It's mild enough to drink all day long and is packed with such flavor that it always feels like a treat. 

My tea accompaniment of choice is: a crumbly butter cookie like shortbread. 

Usually NPR or maybe a podcast I like (The Splendid Table, Tobolowsky Files). . . is on when I'm having tea. 

I first started drinking tea when . . .  I was in college (I was late to the game). My first year of college was in Massachusetts and, coming from California, I always felt cold. But I realized quickly that if you drank coffee all day long it'd be pretty impossible to get much clear thinking or work done. 

My dream tea party would include . . .   oh! Maybe a nice, rustic cake with marmalade or lemon curd and whipped cream ... a boat load of berries,  sunny porch, a big lawn and a small group of close friends. 

When I sip from my tea cup, I . . . am often reading a magazine and nibbling on a cookie. Or in the evenings, I may be in the bath or on the couch chatting with one of my sisters on the phone. 

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  1. I'm already in love with Whole Grain Mornings! I made at least three of the recipes in the first week I had it, and I have many more of the pages dog eared for the future. Megan seems like such an interesting person and a real go getter.


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