I've been on a quest these past few months to find the perfect little treats of our new hometown, Santa Barbara. Join me this week as I let you in on all of my spots for a good cuppa and nibble . . .

We have lived in Santa Barbara for just shy of a year and we LOVE it. Having grown up in this small coastal town in Southern California, I knew I'd be happy to be here again, and I hoped D would be too. It took a few months and a few housing hiccups, but we are planted and here for the duration, lucky us. There are many favorite aspects of being here, but I'll just give a glimpse -- when we wake up there's bright red sunshine dotting an old oak and some palm trees outside our bedroom window, we delightedly watch the light change from deep orange to golden to blazing sun.

The birds tweeting away during this scene aren't so bad either. Working from home or the studio, we are up and walking or biking somewhere, with fresh warm air embracing us. Fast forward to lots of work taking the bulk of the day, but then there's a chance for an afternoon treat every so often, and I've rounded up the best spots for a little necessary indulgence . . . MMM. Stay tuned.


  1. Looking forward to your posts! My husband and I live in Brooklyn and are hoping to move out to SB in the next few years. Just have to find jobs first :)

  2. This is so incredibly beautiful! I want to paint it!! And eat it all...

  3. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago now...and bookmarked it for future readings. Your photography is amazing. As a Santa Barbara resident for a few years now (attached to a native--does that make me an official Santa Barbarian?) I am very excited to see local-owned spots on your site. Thanks for the spotlight on my (happily) adopted hometown!


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