There are places along the "Grand Circle" for oohing and awhing -- and then there's Bryce Canyon. It knocks the wind out of you and just demands wonder. The best spot on Earth for dusting off the cobwebs in the old brain!

every texture was so weathered, gnarled and beautiful 
Can you spot my tiny David?

the biker gangs, the veggie burgers (I ate one a day at least on this trip, not many veg options out yonder, the hoodoos -- oh the hoodoos!!)

It's safe to say we left our hearts in Bryce. It was one of my very favorite places I've ever been too. Funny thing is that my Dad took us here as kids and yelled at us to "LOOK OUT THE WINDOW, GUYS!!" and all I wanted to do was READ MY BOOK (I should have one just like me!!) and my brother, being in his early teen years, all he did was SLEEP IN THE FRONT SEAT. I now see why Dad was so frustrated with us brat kids, this place was incredible and we missed it! 

So glad he planted the seeds though because Bryce truly blew me away. What's wonderful about it is that you can actually take in this amazing, hoodoo filled landscape -- your mind can handle the scale and it's stunning. The blazing red colors and forms are something of an underwater castle, I couldn't help imagine Ariel the mermaid holding court amidst the trails! We watched the sun set over the dramatic amphitheaters and then woke up early for a hike within the valley. I loved how you can look over it all, then the next day be betwixt and between it all. A brilliant study is contrasts.

The air was so crisp and the high elevation was a welcome reprieve from all the desert heat . . . the plant life looked different here too, it was so nice to see Ponderosa pines all around and star gaze as you're pretty much in the middle of nowhere Southern Utah. GO NOW!

If you Go:
  • hike early as it can get hot
  • stay in the National Park Lodge if you can, but Ruby's Inn had a great lodgey feel and was just down the street
  • shop at Mugwumps - the crazy antique store about 20 miles outside of town going west. It's painted like an American flag and run by 3 sisters, it's a treasure trove, BRING CASH (they don't take anything else). 


  1. I used to travel through there quite often when I lived in Nevada. Your photos illustrate the truly spectacular beauty of Bryce Canyon.

  2. Breathtaking... we have some similar landscape in Alberta, Canada. It was mind-blowing to first arrive!

  3. Amazing! Hopefully I can make it there soon. Thanks for all the wonderful information.

  4. Amazing!


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