This past weekend, I got to photograph the goings on of a wonderful play, A Mermaid's Tale, put on by my friends, Proximity Theatre . . .  If you are a teen in Santa Barbara and interested in making a serious theatrical statement, having a great time and being mentored by an amazing super duo, Kyra and Ken -- you need to check this program out!

Performing was my drug of choice as a teenager. The collaboration, the risk and then the reward of traipsing across a stage as another person -- it was all an ellaborate and totally addictive experience. Even if our play or performance flopped, we had each other, us theater kids. We were a motley tribe, full of curiosity, angst and humor. As a photographer, I get a touch of this vivid feeling on the job, as I play the part of a totally comfortable person in order to let the subjects relax and become themselves -- this magic spark of connection with subject, self and creation is akin to being on stage and inhabiting another life, stirring an audience . . . So this opportunity to photograph a young theatre troop hit me right at my heart strings.

Proximity Theatre is full of wonder -- the movement, dialogue, original script and obvious connectivity between kids and staff is dazzling. Getting to observe backstage, the warmth and conviviality between the teens and teachers was palpable, the love as thick, viscous and real as the ocean waters their story lived in. The Mermaid's Tale story is a heart breaker - a dramatic tale for a dramatic age . . . It was just right. Stay tuned for more performances and tales from these cool cool cats.


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