view from the little bar we had a life dreaming/creativity pow wow at in Manarola
With Italian Fix trips, we do a lot of exploring -- villages and small cities within the Cinque Terre as well as neighboring Tuscany. Amazing how the little differences in the towns reveal themselves after spending a few summers here . . . . Manarola is probably my favorite village in the Cinque Terre, I'd love to spend more time in this picturesque little spot. The swimming hole dazzled me on the hot afternoon we drank in views and cocktails at the bar on the cliffs.

Beautiful Bianca and Rosa, the guides of Italian Fix, and our wine tasting remains at Cappun Magru
Bianca and Rosa are so knowledgeable and make everyone feel right at home on their Italian adventure. They are also old friends and treat every guest as a princess, just being around them lifts the spirit and gets you in the mood to have a great time. They are also drop dead beauties, and dress up each day in amazing Italian designs they scour sales racks for. I love these girlies and am grateful to be in their tribe :)
girls of Bonnasola and a little village church near Riomaggiore

One of my favorite photo lessons to deliver and guide guests through is portraits/lifestyle -- we do this lesson at a tiny church on a cliff in Riomaggiore, there are white washed walls everywhere and natural light pouring in. We talk about getting a person comfortable and establishing trust right away, then proceeding to boss around said subject and being playful/goofball to capture an authentic image of each other in this moment . . . It's very performative and a lot of fun.
Bonnasola shower scene!!

Bonnasola beach, 2 gorgeous guests,Bianca's beautiful daughter Flora and a corner of Alessandro the collector's home

More Bonnasola beauty

This summer we spent a half a day at the beach in Bonnasola and I'm so glad we did. My mom (who joined in on the fun this year!!) and I floated away an hour in the hot sun on the calm sea along with all the Italian dads and their babies. I'll never forget this moment, me and my mama on our pink inner tubes lapping in the quiet waves, just us grinning ear to ear. It reminded me that life can sometimes, not often, be absolutely perfect. I'm so happy to have been able to share this adventure with her.

This trip, we also spent a wonderful afternoon in the home museum of Anselmo Crovara, an 80+ year old collector of Italian goods --from tools of every ilk, to photos, to old pottery pieces and paintings, the man had an extraordinary eye for the beauty of everyday objects as well as the curating/organizational skills of a left-brained genius. It was glorious. One of my favorite activities of the trip, I just about lost my mind in the treasure.
the crew!

For now, that is all --I love these trips. They are so meaningful for guests and hosts alike, they really push all of us to live our best lives through intentional soul-feeding on beauty, delicious food and friendships.  For information on next year's trips hop over to ITALIAN FIX.


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