A Cuppa With Robin Bisio

Robin Bisio is a choreographer of environmental dance, filmmaker, and bon vivant living a block from the Pacific Ocean. She's also an amazing stylist, gathering all her materials from nature and on the road. Her home is her palace and tea the reigning beverage of the motley group of friends and kids constantly breezing in from the surf, mountains or a far flung locale. 

What is your favorite type of tea and how do you take it? My favorite  is Earl Grey tea from Twinnings, loose leaf with milk and white honey pipping hot! I need a special cup (not too thin and not too thick-- my current is a Christmas commemorative last of the set) and good mountain spring water and a particular brew time to get the tea strong enough while staying really hot! Ok I am fussy about amount of tea ( a lot because I like strong tea), kind of strainer, kind of cup, kind of water and kind of honey. It is one of the few areas of my  boho hippy life where I am like this!!

How does tea punctuate your day? First thing when I get up before I go swimming to get through the work out and then when I come home with breakfast and the NY Tmes. I dream of tea and cannot leave the house without it!

My tea accompaniment of choice is: Brown bread with thick honey a la Greek.

Right now the fog horn is calling out its mournful lament . . . when I'm having tea.

I first started drinking tea when . . .
I stopped drinking coffee which I overdosed on after a year in Paris and college.

My dream tea party would include . . .  tea sandwiches by a body of water with a book immersed in nature solo -- I am half Mayflower English so this scene suggests a happy hedgehog out of a Beatrice Potter storybook. I also liked the idea as a child of making a campfire out of sticks and boiling water for a makeshift tea with my young adventurous but cozy cohorts.

When I sip from my tea cup . . .  I  connect to all the tea drinkers everywhere in the world (especially in ancient cities that still stand) who love their tea and are particular about it.


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