A Cuppa with Arna Bee

Arna Bee is a positive force, unbelievable photographer and bearer of the most infectious laugh. Her energy lights up the room by about a million watts. This girl is one of my role models and I'm constantly learning from her. We have the great luck of being able to call upon each other when we're looking for an assistant, extra pair of eyes and general muse buddy. Having a friend in the same industry as you is so so important, and I'm grateful to have Arna in my court to hash out pricing, talk shop and be inspired by. Plus, I'm definitely going to try Arna's grandmother's method for steeping rose hips and other flowers to relieve aches and pains. Grannies know everything!

What is your favorite type of tea and how do you take it? Iced mint tea with fresh mint from garden, a squeeze of lemon and Ojai Sage Honey for sweetness. Best served in bell jar with stripy straw lying in sunshine.
How does tea punctuate your day? There’s nothing like a ‘staycation’ – when the sun peaks through Mesa fog it’s time to take a break from editing and projects to meditate on goodness around the casa.

My tea accompaniment of choice is: Santa Barbara’s abundance in fresh produce year round is a true blessing. A giant grapefruit, a bowl of blueberries or for the days needing extra oomph chocolate almonds hit the spot.

Beirut radio on Pandora has been my summer choice for frolicking and skipping through the day . . .  is on when I'm having tea.

I first started drinking tea when . . .  My grandparents came to Germany from Bosnia. I remember my grandma steeping rose hip tea, chamomile and mint for little aches and warming on cool evenings.

My dream tea party would include . . .  A group of my favorite soul sisters in summer dresses, playing jazzy French music and a table full of colorful finger foods in a woodsy summer scene.

When I sip from my tea cup, I . . . Close my eyes and focus on the now, as much as my self allows.


  1. Your photos are so pretty, Leela! XOXO

  2. thanks Kirsten!

    that really means so very much to me :)

    happy week to you.


  3. I just love these! And tea! So it's fantastic.

  4. Leela! I am totally loving this concept. Keep the cuppas coming!

  5. Just discovered your wonderful blog from your Lovely Lady feature on Emma's blog :) Love your photography, and this cuppa feature is just incredibly cozy :)


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