A Cuppa With Shelby Brakken

Shelby Brakken works as a brilliant lifestyle/wedding photographer, is a mama of two of the most inspiring, free spirited kids and all-around hipper than hip lady. She's an amazing listener and always offers up a cuppa while allowing me to spill my guts -- THANKS MAMA! We met over a 20 dollar, dusty white dresser on she put up on Craigslist. I bought that thing then invited myself into her world, Shelbs was so adorable and outgoing, I had to make her my friend. I'm real glad I did.

What is your favorite tea and how do you take it? My tea is black tea: PG tips with a little sugar and a splash of milk.

How does tea punctuate your day? I wake up and I think: tea. tea? tea! where are you??!! I need you now. Then I proceed to drink a few cups of black tea. I have to make myself stop, but I always want more.

My tea accompaniment of choice is: with my tea i eat: a piece of sourdough toast with butter, sharp cheddar cheese and raspberry jam.

My British haute headwear is on . . .  when i'm having tea -- usually in the form of a black fascinator.

I first started really drinking tea when . . . in a British sort of way, when I quit the coffee, which was only a few years ago. But I feel like I have known tea all my life.

My dream tea party would include . . . a unicorn, some yellow high heels, a little Beatles on the radio and a mountain of Russian tea cakes.

When I sip from my tea cup . . . I always talk in a thick and heavy British accent.

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