If there's anything that rivals my love for tea, it's my absolute adoration of hot chocolate. The closer to mud in consistency and the richer in chocolate taste, the better. I'm not talking about anything near a tin that calls its self "hot cocoa" -- I'm talking light your head on fire liquid hot magma. The folks at El Moro in Mexico City know about this hot chocolate proclivity and they serve it up in spades alongside the most elegant churros I've ever tasted.

Fresh from the fryer, a giant vat of violently bubbly grease, they snip their spiraled golden churro into manageable lengths and dust ever so gracefully with a slip of cinnamon sugar. These churros, this hot chocolate, the combination is mana from the flavor Gods. They absorb the 4 types of sweet, unctuous chocolate like a champ and delight all those who dare to dip. El Moro has been around since 1939, not much has changed since then including their limited menu serving only the finest hot chocolate and churros -- and nothing else. Why bother?

The fried goodness, washed down with our tasty choco brew fortified us to shop our hearts out at the biggest flea market in Mexico City, La Lagunilla . . . There's nothing more fantastic than a specific, special meal and an infinite vintage market.

If You Go:
El Moro Churreria
Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 42
Mexico City


  1. these kick ASS!!! love the one with all the smoke in the background. SO gorgeous. LOVE!!!

  2. I want another one!

  3. You're amazing. When can we travel together? (Serious question.)

  4. It is one of my dreams to go to Mexico City. And boy does this place look fantastic... WRITING THIS DOWN.


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