Just thought I'd give a peek into what I'm working on today, Classic Flavors for Salt & Straw Ice Cream. Salt & Straw has been a regular client of mine for the past year and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to work with them. Kim and Tyler Malek (they are cousins and business partners) are so inventive with their seasonal flavors and they are written about by magazines, blogs, papers right and left.

Their ice creams are a canvas to play with local artisan food products such as jams, honeys, chocolate, olive oil and salts -- S &S's manifesto of all things local, collaboration and fun for kids and grown ups pulls at the right heart strings. I couldn't adore them or their philosophy more. Here are their classic flavors I recently shot! MMM.

Read the article/interview where I first met these crazy cats!

the flavors from left to right: strawberry balsamic with black pepper, freckled woodblock chocolate, coffee bourbon, almond brittle with salted ganache, gooey brownie, alberquina olive oil, salted caramel,  cinnamon snicker doodle, pear and blue cheese


  1. Oh my, the best ice cream cone I've ever had was at Salty & Straw!!! It was something like blueberry maple with a delicious waffle cone... it was like a blueberry pancake! So yummy! I love all your work- especially this sneak peek!

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