Dave and I have some big stuff going on right now, the main thing is that we've just relocated to my hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. Portland, you've been real and we plan on seeing you lots for work and friend visits . . . It was just time to come "home" which is odd because although this small city is so familiar, it's different and we've changed since last living here all those years ago. I think we'll find a lot of happiness here! We took about a week to meander together down the coast instead of blasting through to get to SoCal. I'm thrilled we did because California is full of UNBELIEVABLE nature, culture and family.

We started at the Southern-most Redwood Forest, in Humboldt. We walked about 3 miles in total and it took us all day, the Redwoods were that good. I couldn't get over it -- we had to keep on stopping, exclaiming "Now THIS is my favorite grove so far!" and two minutes later, "Okay I was wrong, THIS ONE!! THIS IS IT, HOLY @$%#!!!" It was so peaceful, majestic and jaw-dropping, I'm still in shock.  The about 300 foot, 1500 year-old beauties stood so proud. It's hard to get your head and mental space wrapped around the giants and photographing all that height was an exercise in futility. These powerful trees refused to be flattened by a lens, my neck will never be the same (so sore from looking up!) and my heart was absolutely expanded. GO HERE NOW! Early Spring was the perfect temperature and we had the whole park entirely to ourselves.

 If You Go:
 Humboldt Redwood Forest
 Stay: Miranda Garden Resort (cute cabins, inexpensive, clean and IN the park!)

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