Right before taking off for California, I had the chance to photograph one of my favorite places in Portland, hey favorite places in the world! That would be the expertly curated, always surprising, devastatingly stylish and enchanting Alder & Co. My good pal Rebecca and her partner-in-crime Carla run the joint with the wingtips of an angel named Patty Sue often sweeping in to help out. These bon vivants source unique objets d'arte and the handmade all over the world, going on buying trips to Tokyo, Paris, New York, Vermont and even Buenos Aires.

The love and warmth of the store envelopes me with happiness and wonder every time I walk through the doors. It's always first on my list for travelers passing through Portland and I thought the tea-sipping crowd must be let in on the party! Alder just moved across the street to an even more luxurious space and you simply must pass some time there, daydream, enjoy and find something special for yourself (not hard! trust me).

 If You Go:
616 SW 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

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