After an incredible ride, the week-long photo workshop I co-hosted with my fabulous pal Bianca of Italian Fix (more on this event coming soon!), Dave and I have arrived in Porto, Portugal for a little bit of exploration, sunshine and Port wine . . . Have you ever been to this enchanting city?

It's glorious -- full of teensy streets with layers of crumble, renewal, colorful tile, beguiling wrought iron and delicate broken windows. The mix of new and old is captivating, as is the soulful music (FADO!!!), relaxed, lingering way of sipping and nibbling on salty and sweet . . .

Here is just a peek into our last few days, what a joyful place!


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous and really make me want to visit Portugal now! I can't wait to hear more about the workshop.

  2. fantastic, mama. love the ballet slips and the rad wall w woman walking in front. awesome.

  3. Oh man...I want to visit Portugal STAT!


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