After sifting through some favorite Portugal moments from our trip a few months ago (where is the summer RUNNING OFF TO!?), it's safe to say breakfast at the Internacional Design Hotel was one of the highlights! Each morning, the bountiful, fresh buffet called to me -- sweet, savories, a little of everything and a big mug of milky coffee was feasted upon as we lingered in this special room. The light relentlessly poured in through the large corner windows of the third floor and each day I'd marvel at a new lamp or chair or flower in the vase that I hadn't noticed previously.

As a breakfast connoisseur, I can assure you the delights were plentiful and luxurious. I'm combing the web as I type to locate this Portuguese almond tart that made a lasting impression as I had to have a nibble anytime it was around. Just slightly sweet and very caramelized, it was the perfect after-breakfast-dessert. Because when a gal is moved to indulge, I do so with finger-lickin aplomb. Also on the menu: many fine cheeses, honeys, different tropical fruits, granolas, puddings, egg tarts, roasted vegetables, scrambled eggs, cereals, the WORKS. Oh baby.

The hotel is perfectly located in one of Lisbon's most beautiful, historic Pracos (squares/plazas) -- Rossio. The jacaranda trees were in full bloom and lavender blossoms dotted my bun every time we scurried home from a museum or walk. The cocktails are heaven and breakfast is to die for!

If You Go:
Internacional Design Hotel
Rua Betesga 3
1100-090 Lisbon, Portugal
+351 21 324 0990


  1. That almond tart does look divine! Love the atmosphere as well.

  2. I was just thinking how it's already AUGUST?!?! As a fellow breakfast connoisseur, love your photos!


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