I am so excited to be heading to Tuscany on Saturday! When Italy beckons, you drop everything and you go.

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Davinci Wines has invited me to be one of their 2013 Storytellers. I'm the photographer along for a ride of meeting artisan wine and food makers in Tuscany. They put out a contest in May and I've been selected for the trip, along with 3 other delightful folks. Taking the time to write an essay and submit my photos, and "enter a contest" seemed so hokey -- but it is proof that with a little luck and the want to make travel dreams happen, great opportunities can come your way!

This is my fourth trip to Italy in the past 3 years -- It's as if the exuberant country has a gravitational pull around me and I keep falling into it's delicious orbit. I couldn't be happier -- we've had some hard family news the past few weeks and I intend to seize each day abroad. Andiamo!

After the Davinci trip, I'll be staying in Florence for about 5 days photographing a few stories and soaking in some art, Arno and Prosecco.


  1. Sending good thoughts to you and your family, Leela. Have a wonderful trip!!

  2. How fun! Remember, there's no such thing as having too many gelatos.

  3. the prosecco is chilled & waiting!

  4. Congratulations. What an amazing opportunity.

  5. There is no person better for the job Leela!

    After years of working in Italy, running an Italian travel blog and just a lifetime spent looking at beautiful things -- your photos are among the best I've seen. Keep pushing yourself to hone your craft and be the absolute best you can be. And more good things like this will keep coming your way.

    As far as a "contest" goes, i think Davinci did an awesome job of using democratic voting to select new blood. They could have just called their friends -- ya know!

    Great job. Have a wonderful trip! Go to "Il Santino" when you're there for some good bubbles!

    Love, Bianca

  6. Nobody better than Leela! Lucky them!

  7. You are amazing and deserve every trip Italy gives you!

  8. There is no one who deserved to win more than you. Your photography style is unique and so beautiful - I admire you for that. I hope this trip allows you to relax, in the midst of difficult family news. Un grande bacio, S


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