I am lucky enough to be the chief ice cream photographer for my favorite artisan company in the whole wide world, Salt & Straw. Every so often, life throws you a freezer full of exceptional, sometimes crazy, always devilishly tasty ice cream and well, someone's got to photograph it -- then eat all the left overs, bien sur!

 This round of images, I was able to bring in the styling and artistic eye of the very talented and delightful-to-work with Anne and the undeniably radiant Halley to model them cones! It was a big day of ice cream INSANITY. The kind of day where we're licking our fingers making last minute choices on spoons and things are melting (we shot these in August) and all the napkins have ice cream marks on them and stickiness is everywhere. What a joy.

If you don't know Salt & Straw, you need to get to know them. Same for Anne Parker and Halley Roberts.

These flavors include:
pumpkin-spiced chèvre
salted caramel
sweet potato casserole with marshmallow
cranberry apple stuffing
brown butter bourbon vanilla
new money cocktail
spiked eggnong
and more!!!


  1. Chief Ice Cream Photographer?! That is the best job in the world! I can't wait to try those new flavors... especially the pumpkin spiced chevre. I'm a sucker for goat cheese anything. Your photographs are so lovely, Leela. The last one is my favorite... the detail & melty-ness draws me in!

  2. right Linnea? Ice cream is the most fun, playful subject and these Salt and Straw flavors don't mess around!!!


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