a "light" lunch of assorted crostini, wine, cheese and meats were served at a gorgeous, comfortable table
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spectacular views from Vinci, Brunello grapes and a grower delivering his grapes to the DaVinci Cantina
beautiful Jenna relaxes in Vinci at my dream home
Bruno, an exuberant grape grower and concrete manufacturer, stands amidst his olive grove  & buttons at the Davinci winery (wanted to press all of them many times!)
Giulio, Bruno's grandson, takes me for a spin!

scenes from the day with my Diana camera
Each day in Tuscany seemed to trump the previous -- how this was possible, I do not know -- This very special spot on the Earth just reveals itself with each twisting turn and hilltop town . . . To be something more spectacular, more divine, more tasty and more outrageously beautiful than the last. The laws of physics don't apply here. Gravity and time and romance have stood still and to bask in its glory is a celebration in and of itself.This visit to Vinci, to the home where Leonardo was born, was no exception to this wild, uncompromising rule. It was charmed, sun shiny and full of nooks, crannies and character. It was so humbling to stand at the foot of such a person, his aura magically around. And what better way to top off a visit to an artistic hero's home place than with a casual lunch with an outgoing family? Food, art and family -- the priorities in Italy are right on!

Bruno, a grape grower and concrete manufacturer, showed us all around his property and introduced us to his lovely family. He even showed off his 1960s Lancia, complete with rich brown leather seats and a glamorous steering wheel. It is my fantasy to tour all of Tuscany in that car, with Bruno at the helm - letting me in on all his old haunt secrets -- where he buys cigars and takes his espresso. Olga and Giulio, his grandchildren, were so inviting . . . We spent the afternoon exchanging stories and I was so lucky to listen to their description of their family's traditions, life and ambitions. We meandered in the afternoon sun and through the vineyards. What a dream!


  1. Once again I am in awe of your talents! I'm in love with the first picture... the table of food, wine and guests. Dreamy.

  2. Aw, Jenna looks great! Hi Jenna!! :D

    Bruno and his wife are the cutest! They were celebrating their 50th anniversary when we visited I believe.

    I felt the same way on the trip: every day was better than the last...


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