Artibano, a grape farmer, is masculinity personified, just look at this stance!

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Renzo takes his coffee, cigar and paper at the snack bar on the way to Montalcino
Coffee maker/bar-tender/knower of all things, makes a tiny, perfect cappuccino
Absolutely want to be one of these broads one day.
Francesco, a guy awaiting a doctor's visit right outside of Siena & a potted plant scene from heaven. Notice how his clothing tones match his environment completely! He's the pot and his pants are a plant. 
Proof that a small group of Italians have more style than the rest of us combined
The views from Montalcino Castle, winemaker at DaVinci winery, the perfect chair/lone flower scene

Montalcino . . . the word comes with a heavy sigh. It's just too much there. Too much beauty, too much attention to quality, too much effortless charm and grace. If I could go anywhere for a day with everyone I've loved, it might be for a sunset stroll in Montalcino. It's so good. It's ridiculous. 

The thing that stuck out the most from this visit to this hilltop locale in Tuscany, established by the Etruscans many moons ago was the cast of characters inhabiting this juicy town. The wine was glorious-- Brunellos like none I've ever tasted!!-- but the people were divine. I spoke with folks spanning generations, a younger butcher apprenticing his father to ladies in their 80s out for their evening walk and gossip session. I spoke with everyone in between, you know what they all had in common? They adored their hometown. Through gesture and exclamation points and widened eyes, they all acknowledged Montalcino as the belissima jewel of the Tuscan crown. I couldn't agree more.

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