Today I have the most special news to share . . . A personal project I've been plugging away at for quite some time: I'm going to make a cookbook of my very own! Read on for the title, low down, publisher and all kinds of squishy feelings -- after the jump.

I've dreamt of making a cookbook and lifestyle guide since I was a kid. From about age 5 on, I was planning my own parties, picking miniature pink roses from my parents garden and giving them to neighbors, spinning elaborate high teas for my friends (both real and imaginary) with assorted treats, fruits and whatever flower petals were handy . . . It just never stopped. And my job being a photographer largely developed around this interest in food, friends and seeing what everyone else was eating all over the world -- being nosy in the kitchen has been immensely exciting!
The book is called EVERYDAY FANCY: a Guide to Celebratory Bites and Creating Sparkle in Your Life and will be published with Clarkson Potter, an imprint of Crown Publishing. Potter makes the most elegant cookbooks, I'm so grateful to be working with them on this!
I will address easy recipes both sweet and savory, sourcing beautiful wares for your table abroad, styling a party and imbuing beauty in your everyday life through extraordinary food experiences. This book is so dear to me because of the main ethos: to not wait around to celebrate our lives, but to make time to enjoy, be with each other and nibble something delightful. I cannot wait to get started! 
Lastly, I'll update here and post on my Instagram all the goings on with this book project -- join me as I embark on my blank canvas . . . Soon it will be full of stories, golden swirls, flower petals, cups of tea, little plates of food and a dearth of wild messes.


  1. Yayyyy! Wonderful news-congrats Leela!!!

  2. So excited for you!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Love your ethos!!

  3. yipppeeeee!! So so happy for you! I cannot wait for you to share more of your images and story and love of life. xoxo

  4. Can I pre-order like, right NOW?
    Congratulations on your project!!!! I can't wait to see the process & the finished book :)

  5. Congratulations, Leela. Watch out, world. This book is going to rock! So excited!

  6. AH! Yay to dreams coming true! I absolutely can't wait for the project to be finished so I can get my hands on a copy...


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