Last December I was introduced to Aran Goyoaga of the vivid blog and cookbook Cannelle et Vanille while on assignment to shoot her stunning Seattle studio. It's funny to type that sentence, because Aran seems like an old friend. Some friendships are like that -- instant chemistry and kinship. So we decided to host a photography workshop together, here's how it went . . .
Our 15 students came from near and far. They were all enthusiastic and excited to be in such a beautiful space with us. The sparks were flying . . . I got the jitters and quickly eased into a relaxed vibe with such a wonderful teacher at my side. 

We decided to shoot a food story around seasonal produce and a favorite fish of Aran's, mackerel. We had roasted ramps, fresh radishes, fennel, herbs galore, stinky cheeses and my favorite, eggs from a friend's chicken.

For lunch, Aran made us a spectacular meal of velvety cauliflower soup, beet and citrus salad, French cheeses, local breads and chocolate bars and coffee to finish. It was the meal from my dreams, Aran buzzing about to prepare it in her natural, convivial style -- getting helpers and friends involved. Sharing and conversing, it seemed the most natural way to spend a grey Saturday in Seattle. 

The wonderful part for me was that Aran spoke about food styling and prep, I spoke about camera basics and different angles to keep in mind while shooting -- we both touched upon props and we finished with a discussion on how to get work published, the pitch email and the art of negotiating (one of my favorite topics!). Our interests and abilities complimented each other so well. It was a day of creativity and celebrating the sensual, the light and working with friends.  

If you're curious, I think we'll be doing this again in the Fall -- It was too much fun not to make a habit of it! Thank you darling Aran!


  1. I had SO MUCH fun, not to mention ton of knowledge from this workshop; I enjoy every minute of it. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH. (You and Aran could not be any sweeter I was ecstatic.) :)

  2. omigoodness please do it again! i'm in seattle and I was crushed to miss the first go-round!


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