I have wonderful news to share! I'm hosting a food photography series on -- These courses are near and dear to my heart, as they cover everything I wish I knew when I was starting out --There was A LOT of trial and error for me my first few years of shooting. Now I have the pleasure of teaching others how to approach this sweeping topic (and Dave shot the entire series beautifully! Go Dave!)  If you love to tell stories, cook, connect with others and make pictures, this is definitely the series for you! Read more about each course after the jump . . .

After all, food is the thing that unites us all as humans -- we have to eat 3 times a day, so it's a constant thread in our lives . . . Photographs of food impact us on a visceral level, they effect our emotion, our hunger our sense of past nostalgia and future gatherings. It makes the most wonderful subject as a photographer!

Food Photography 1: Prepping for a Food Photo Shoot 
In this class, I cover all the basics of preparation for your food photo shoot. The more prepared you are, the more dynamic and complex your images can become. I address creating a budget-friendly photo studio, sourcing props, location scouting and finally the all important SHOT LIST AND STORYBOARD. I think about all of these issues before each and every shoot I do, it guarantees awesome outcomes. Trust me!

Food Photography 2: Shooting in 5 Different Styles
Now we're getting into the heart of the matter -- the food stays the same, the ILLUSTRIOUS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE (is there really any other food that matters?), and the setting/props/lighting/camera settings change for 5 totally unique effects. As the photographer, you are in charge of all the details that sum up to make a beautiful image, full of emotion and impact -- this class teaches you how to create the feeling of a food.

Food Photography 3: Creating Your Own Unique Story
Finally, you've learned to prep, you've learned different styles -- now you're ready to take a traditional food you love and create a series of rich and lively images depicting the many facets of that meal. You'll end up with a body of work ready for your blog or the beginnings of your own cookbook.

*A little house keeping note: Please use these links to purchase membership to take the classes (it's such a steal, 10 bucks/month to learn on Skillshare!). This maximizes my efforts/makes a difference for me.

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  1. Cannot wait to take your classes, Leela! Skillshare is awesome and people like you make it even better :)


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