Here's my second arrangement for my Floral 101 online course I'm taking with Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! through Nicole's Classes. This is a larger project, bundled up into a low copper bowl I found at the thrift shop near our studio -- I have a lot of room for improvement, but I'm enjoying every moment of working with fluffy fleurs and wonderful-smelling greenery.

The primary flowers I included were purchased at Trader Joe's -- Spider Mums and Freesia. These flowers have a lot of impact and cost a total of $12. I then picked up a few stems of greenery (Camellia, Eucalyptus) and a few sprigs of Yellow Myrtle for $5. I spent less than $20 to create an arrangement that has a lot of impact and movement. I gave this one to a friend for her shop opening party and kept the tiny vase of extras for our studio.

While my arrangement isn't perfect, it's a bit low and squat, it is still amazing to me that under Chelsea's expert advice, I created something that feels pretty wild but still elegant. The skills we learn with Chelsea are basic, but the results are beautiful. I'm now daydreaming of opening a flower stand within our studio in Santa Barbara.


  1. Beautiful. What I need to know are the settings on your camera for the photos????? I need to take these type of photos for my arrangements. Thanks.

  2. This is so lovely, Leela!! I can't believe that you found the main flowers at Trader Joes. The copper bowl gives your arrangement even more personality. Also, your studio looks like a magical place!


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