Last month I got the chance to work with AfterAll Studio to create images for Campari's Women & Whiskies campaign. We worked on this lookbook of sorts a year ago as well . . . The updated images are just darling and the shoot was a dream.

a few instas behind the scenes from Joanna
Often for a commercial shoot, there are a lot of expectations to be managed and crew to sort each detail within their sphere of expertise. With AfterAll and the team they assembled -- Annie Parker on styling, Sage Corson on design, Celeste Noche assisting and Joanna Bean Martin art directing (with tiny twins at her side) -- there was a fluidity and collaboration on all of the images. This is highly unusual and makes the work such a pleasure to be apart of and the results so strong. We built the scenes together, talked through each shot, made adjustments, looked at layout and design -- clicked the shutter and moved to the next idea. Efficiency, trust and solid preparation all made this a pretty magical scene.

I also learned a lot about whiskey cocktails from Camapari's brand ambassador/highly hot bartender, Lucia Gonzales, who was on set. I've been mixing my little heart out since I got home, always with the addition of a sprig of fresh herbs or citrus peel -- such simple additions, with a major impact.

I hope you love these images as much as I do, and check out the portfolio of my fellow dream-teamers.


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