I am such a chick! Seriously my favorite things on earth are flowers, tea, soaps, sparkles and shades of pink and purple. So I was smitten with this opportunity to take an online Floral Arranging 101 class, with Chelsea Fuss, a friend and collaborator from Portland, Oregon (who's now living abroad!) . . . I've learned so much already, I had to share. 

Above you can see the results of my first homework assignment -- the hand tied bouquet. This was so fantastic, fun and economical. I bought one bunch of spray roses as my "primary flower" for 10 dollars. The rest of the flowers and greenery I foraged from our apartment complex and a few trimmings from the neighborhood around our studio. 

After watching Chelsea's beautifully produced and shot floral class via Nicole's classes, I was able to create two bouquets for about $5 each. What a wonderful skill and gift to friend, hostess or someone in need of a cheer up. I have always been into flowers and arranging them willy nilly, I love knowing a little bit more about what can pair with what, how to treat them for maximum longevity and general composition ideas. Chelsea's teaching style is relaxed and friendly, it's as if an old girlfriend is showing you the ropes to your new-found hobby.

As an adult with many responsibilities and a lot of work, it can be hard to remember to carve out time for fun and learning, with this online workshop format though -- I was able to cozy up with some tea and my laptop, watch a series of videos and then practice the very next day. The experience was hugely gratifying (I can't stop staring at my adorable bouquet!) and I am now viewing plants and flowers in a different way  . . . Contemplating their shape, texture and form and pondering what I could do with them. It's such fun!


  1. Thank you, Leela! Your bouquet is stunning and I love that you made it for $10!

  2. Ooo this sounds like a really cool class. I always want to use flowers in my photos.. but I am not great at styling them. Will have a look!


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