Hey dolls!! I've been very absent over here due to the production of my cookbook. This past month has been a roller coaster of exhilarating proportions . . . here's a sneak peek.

some leftovers after styling a dessert
from left to right: We used Hannah & Nathan's backyard for a location shoot, Ayda making our lunch (wowy!!), me in my thrifted hat for a beach shoot, fresh flowers for a recipe, a weird still life on our little prop table, David with teapot
our first day included lots of flowers and citrus from our neighborhood
Yesterday was our last day of shooting -- we've been at it for about a month now. Our work days have been long, demanding and really fun. I loved our little team: Ayda Robana as food stylist, David as digi tech and assistant and me as photographer and stylist. We also had Matt Carter helping out, style hound at large, which was tremendous. This was a tight team who I love oh so dearly. These book shoots are intense, so you end up really bonded with your colleagues. You may remember the last book project I posted about here.

I'm full of heavy sighs (and some tears) at it being over, but am looking forward to the next phase of this book coming to fruition. And also looking forward to some sleep!


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