Paper and Tea in the Mitte area was so charming!! Got lost in there for a while and blissed out

Berlin is all about the different flavors of each neighborhood, I loved the grit, old world style and mash up of contemporary cool. It's easily now one of my favorite cities. We strolled for what felt like a million miles each day and I was quite heart broken to leave — just scratching the surface and tasting for a longer journey to come. 

We did stumble upon some of the best cafes, markets, shops and museums I’ve ever experienced — so I’ve listed those below. These images are actually making me a little homesick (I’m such a sucker) for my adopted city of 2 days!! GET A GRIP, GIRL.

a tea tasting at Paper and Tea, David being adorable against a beautifully aged wall
Paper and Tea is a charming salon style shop in Mitte, a beautiful, formerly GDR neighborhood. The owner greeted us right away with cold brewed green tea, a lovely floral aroma and cooling beverage. He was so gracious and warm, we were spoiled in there. I ended up buying an Assam to take on the rest of our trip and I’m so glad I did — it was malty and divine each morning.
Roamers for great juices and local vibes!
We awoke one morning from our Kreuzberg apartment and walked to nearby Roamers. This little jewel box served the freshest breakfast board I’ve ever had (noted for home breakfast in bed!) with greens, avocado, hummus, great bread and fried eggs and had a laid-back bohemian vibe I couldn’t get enough of. The blush pink exterior, hanging plants, reclaimed furniture, textured walls, stylish locals, great smoothies all added up to a particularly good scene, it reminded me of Echo Park or Silverlake with a twist.
Kollwitzplatz market delivering on every level

look at these littles about to devour their wurst

I love this sour rope candy and always treat myself to a few pieces

Next on our agenda was the Kollwitzplatz Farmers market in Prenzlauer Berg. We sampled stinky cheese (heaven!) and bought tons of fresh tiny strawberries and currants. The place was jamming with colorful flowers, fresh produce, local jams and delicacies as far as the eye could see. The vibe here was so celebratory and fun, lots of families and folks just enjoying the summertime.
Little Bacchus at the Neues Museum, a beautiful hallway and the view of museum island from a boat ride on the Spree
Lastly we hit the Neues Museum on Museum island. This was a spectacular place with the most extensive collection of Egyptian art (including the enchanting bust of Nefertiti) I’ve ever seen. It was also one of the most fascinating cultural rebuilds — the place was heavily bombed and rebuilt with new and old materials, highlighting the changes in shape and reconstruction, rather than hiding them. This was so nuanced, beautiful and haunting — the museum itself was an experience, not just the artifacts it held.

As I said before, we only dipped our little toe in this wonderous, exciting place and I’m already plotting my return next Spring — My friend is performing in an opera there, what a fabulous excuse to see more!

 If you go:


  1. We're very happy to have been part of your visit to beautiful Berlin!

  2. You had a great time there. I would like to visit that someday.

  3. I normally use green tea with lemon flavour


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