We started our European work/play adventure a few weeks ago in Berlin -- Have you been? I've always dreamed of traveling to this dynamic, creative city and it did not disappoint. It was so very magical -- our few days there went by all too quickly. One of the best parts was staying in an Airbnb apartment I found in the Kreuzberg neighborhood . . . The space was a cotton candy wonderland with the prettiest kitchen I've ever taken my tea in.

Each morning I'd wake up early and brew a spot of Yorkshire Gold black tea (I travel with this little creature comfort!) and daydream out the window, the outside courtyard was full of lush trees and flowers

Never enjoyed doing dishes more than from this little sink
The tub was almost too big and luxurious for my 5'5" frame, I joked each night that I was "going for my swim"

Whenever we travel, especially through Europe and the US, we seek an Airbnb. It's usually cheaper than a hotel and I love the little insight into being a local . . . I like being in a regular neighborhood, often you can't even find a hotel in these little residential zones -- The corner store bodega, cafes, wine bars, Turkish coffee shops and access to public transportation all led me to the Kreuzberg area of Berlin. When I spied this light pink apartment on the third floor of a sweet little street 5 minutes from a metro, I pounced on it like a cheetah!

From the minute we walked in and perused the 1930s style apartment with original floors and minimal, yet personal decor to rolling our suitcase down the cozy staircase to leave, I had an ear to ear grin on my face. The kitchen was one of my favorites I've ever spent time in, everything had its place but there was nothing extra. The plastered walls, in their layered blush hue, were so romantic -- as a surface junky, I couldn't stop staring at them adoringly (I'm such a weirdo, but it's true!!).  I took tons of visual notes because one day, I'd like to have a little space with a similar feminine and imperfect attitude. It was great!!

The bathroom was the cherry on top -- lots of marble and copper, and my heart nearly skipped a beat when I took in the gigantic bathtub. For a gourmet bather like myself, there's nothing better than tromping the streets of a new, fabulous city and then plunging into a relaxing tub before sleep. It was divine! I'm already planning a trip back for next Spring.

Here are the details:
Charming Apartment in X-Berg to Let
sleeps: 4 people
2 bedrooms


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